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Don´t waste your time before your trip to Prague. We create custom travel itinerary just for you!

Prague itinerary

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We will create a plan of your holiday in Prague. You will not have to worry about anything. We plan everything from A to the Z. And you will experience your best vacation.


Most frequent questions and answers

Beauty of Prague is a tailored travel itinerary that can save you a lot of time and you will discover hidden places that most tourists do not visit. We will build your dream trip based on your tastes. Our work also saves you several hours that you would otherwise have to devote to creating your itinerary.

We offer three packages:
1. Itinerary for 1-3 Days
This is the smallest package for itinerary up to three days.
Total price depend on total days you spend in Prague.
We charge $19.99 per one day.

2. Itinerary for 4-7 Days
This is the medium package for itinerary up to seven days.
Total price depend on total days you spend in Prague.
We charge $17.99 per one day.

3. Itinerary for 7-10 Days
This is the largest package for itinerary up to ten days.
Total price depend on total days you spend in Prague.
We charge $15.99 per one day.

Contact us via e-mail if you want spend more than ten days. We can create an special offer 🙂

Sure, we consider your personal tastes and it is very important for us to enjoy your best vacation, so every trip is made to tailored on your personal tastes.

Many tourists like to create their own itinerary, but there are several reasons why we should leave this work to us.

1. Planning what you want to see is the easier part. However, planning of transport in Prague or trips to other towns from Prague, finding the opening hours of all monuments and museums, finding the best restaurants, bars or hotels for accommodation etc. is not so easy.

2. Planning every holiday takes a lot of time that you can use much better. Our itinerary saves you up to (maybe more than) 30 hours which is a tremendous amount of time. Instead of finding all the great places, restaurants, bars or how to get from airport to hotel enjoy your time better. You can relax, enjoy your partner or friends a great day, etc. 🙂

3. Internt reviews and ratings are not all. Every customized itinerary is created by a person who lives in Prague, loves her and especially knows all the great places you will surely enjoy. Our itinerary is really great and will surely help you enjoy your best vacation in Prague.

Sure, you can let all your plans in the “Additional information” section or send all your plans send via e-mail.

Sure, just write in the Additional Information section or via email that you want to visit a castle or city, or write a specific place to visit. Everything else will take care of us 🙂