Why You Should Visit Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague Castle offers a unique opportunity for rich exploration at history and fun activities. The Guinness book of world records places the Prague Castle as the largest complex on earth in modern history. It sits on over 7 hectares of land (equivalent to 18 acres) and includes a series of buildings. Do not miss to join the Prague Castle walking tour, it the only major historic site in the city without a ticket too. To complete a walk into most sections of the complex, you will need to set out the entire day for the task.


Experts estimate 880 AD as the year Prince Borinvoj of the Premyslid Dynasty completed building this majestic structure.  It served as the official residents of successive princes and kings and afterwards the Bishop of Prague. Of all these times, it received the most admiration and activity during the reign of Charles IV between 1346 and 1378.

Prague Castle
Visit Prague Castle

Things to Do at Prague Castle

The Tours

You can either take a walking tour or choose to use a cruise. If you do not have time, you will have to use a cruise to help scan the most that you can in the least time possible. However, if you need to get a real experience one on one with details of ancient Czech, you need to take the walking option. There is an option for a 4-hour Prague Castle Walking tour and another that will take you all day sightseeing with a guide. It may be costly but for the first time, it is the best option.

Changing Guard

There is a colourful traditional ceremony every noon at the castle. If you have children, this is the place to be. The military is dressed in ceremonial attire and will take a few minutes to thrill you with the spectacular scene. You can never be disappointed with this event regardless of how many times you get to watch.

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane is another romantic part of the complex. A local guide will take you around the famous architect’s paradise. Take time here to internalize an intimate moment with the Czech Republic’s beauty that spans over 10 centuries. The epic lighting and unique material used on the buildings gives a glow you will never forget.

Picture Gallery

If you love art, there is a huge collection of artwork dating back to the 16th century. The elegant picture gallery has precious masterpieces by famous old painters. There are over 100 paintings on display. The entire collection is at least 4,000 works you might never get the time to explore even half of them in a day. The pieces are a representation of various European cultures such as Germany, Italy, and Holland. Famous artists represented are Hans von Aachen, Tiziano Vecelli, and Peter Paul Rubens. There are a wide collection of other ancient Flemish and Czech artists of the Baroque period.

These pieces are maintained with the finest possible procedures for your satisfaction. You can have a taste of paintings over a progressive wide period of time in history.

Old Royal Palace and Vladislav Hall

The Old Royal Place has a very ancient setting that takes you back over 10 centuries. It is the most interesting and epic place to be. This place was used for coronations, banquets, and games to entertain the royal families. There is a majestic riders’ staircase, which was used to grant access to knights on horseback. The entire experience is thrilling.

Royal Summer Palace

The Royal Summer Palace is part of the advancement of the Castle. This palace was a gift for the king’s wife. The most distinct features of the structure that set it apart as unique are the relief decoration, epic roof, and special arcade.

Standing here, you will face with the feeling of ancient times. There are also beautiful paintings of vital scenes from Czech history. The place, originally used for entertainment, was later used as barracks. Today it hosts a wide variety of art and craft exhibitions. Travel through time viewing these items. The decorations are impressive regardless of your taste.

The Petrin Hill

If you have the energy after spending a walk at Prague Castle, you walk to Petrin Hill. Many people call Petrin Hill as the hill of lovers. This route will take you through the most beautiful way through Prague Castle and will lead you to Prague’s Petřín Hill. The route ends at the top station of the cableway so you can easily get to the tram station. If you like romance, I recommend walking in the evening. Here, you have a panorama view of the expansiveness of the complex. Take a romantic walk on the Petrin Hill and get a chance to take photos with a wide beautiful view.

This is also the most appropriate for you to take a break and enjoy a picnic as you enjoy the views. Remember, you need time to completely explore the Castle. There is a funicular ride to take you downhill in case you get tired, which is very likely. It obviously goes for a ticket but the prices are the lowest.

Petrin Hill
Petrin Hill in Prague


Prague castle is one of the most historical centres you will ever see. It is listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Nothing can go wrong with your visit. The ancient structure is the largest known castle surviving in this modern world. With at least 750,000 square feet, Prague Castle is so huge you will spend more than half the day within its walls to view part of the complex. If you do not have a lot of time to view it; you had better stick to the open areas as in-depth experience requires time. Unlike other sites in the city of Prague, this castle requires no ticket. It is free and open to all visitors.

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