Why You Should Spend Christmas in Prague


Why You Should Spend Christmas in Prague

If you have never been to this city then you have no idea of the beauty in Europe, the city is stunning. The natural beauty and architecture all over the building is amazing. The culture and lifestyle of people living in Prague are incomparable. All seasons favour this city but nothing comes close to winter. You will get the best experiences and packages during Christmas in Prague.

It is a peak season in the city and you are likely to be in crowds but that doesn’t change the beauty of the place. The city is big; it can never be too full to compromise on its beauty. The different types of Christmas markets are only a section of what you should expect for Christmas in Prague.

This is not about the costs, look at the big picture, there are more than worth a few dollars extra for your vacation. Make your 2018 Christmas to count.

Of course, winter is cold and you would want to pack appropriately for the weather if you are to enjoy the beauty in Prague.

Prague is beauty, especially during Christmas
Explore Prague during Christmas time

How to wear in Prague

While there are endless places to visit that will guarantee fun, your wardrobe choice largely defines your experience on Christmas in Prague. Here are some tips on what to wear;

Wool socks

Forget about the cotton socks that you wear with snickers on a weekend out, Prague can be extremely cold. You need woollen socks to protect your feet. You need to be comfortable to walk any time of the day; then you might need to be up early or go out late to catch part of Prague’s magic.

Warm hat

While you should be trendy in your travel, the destination should define what you carry. The travel girl type hats won’t be of help on Christmas in Prague. Such a hat won’t even withstand the winds that occasionally blow through the city. Be sure to get a warm hat with poofs. If you can get one with wool lining the better. You can make it an accessory and still be warm.


Don’t make a mistake of thinking you can spend your Christmas time in Prague without gloves. The cold in Prague is not friendly. You might need more than wool gloves. Gloves with silk lining can do you well during Christmas in Prague.

Warm boots

Of course, you can’t be in Prague during the winter without warm boots. You may not survive for 3 days. The boot you carry should not only have a woollen lining but should be waterproof. Prague can be snowy, which means lots of ice everywhere you go. No better material for such a boot than leather. Also, it should be lightweight with a flexible sole. You may need to carry water and snacks, you can’t add on this weight with heavy boots. Find the best quality leather and warm boots; it will be worth the investment. Most of these boots are durable; the next time you spend time in Prague, especially in winter, you will need the boots.

What you need to Know

If you choose to visit during this time of the year, you will need to be well prepared for your Christmas in Prague. There are common as well as unusual circumstances. Here is what you need to know to maximize your time in Prague.

Christmas Market

The traditional Prague Christmas market opens at the beginning of December and lasts through to the first week of January. This is plenty of time to enjoy the offers on goodies available in abundance at the time. Most of the regular stalls in the cities will remain open for 12 hours; stretching from 10 am to 10 pm. Other stalls such as those selling food and drinks will still be up and running after 10 o’clock in the night. For example, in the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares, you will find the best offers and a variety of goods for your trip.

According to the locals, avoid the congested squares. There are better spots with equally competitive prices but with a fresh atmosphere in other markets too. You will also be safe from pickpockets. Following tips from locals will help you boost your Christmas in Prague.

Wonderful Prague
Christmas in Prague (Instagram)

Street Carps during Christmas in Prague

During your time in Prague, you will notice the abundance of fish prepared traditionally for a special Czech delicacy. The carp is deep fried with potato salad and served in almost every Czech family. This is usually on the eve of Christmas and the 2 or so days after it. Huge tubs with live carps will spot the streets of Prague. The locals love to choose from fresh swimming carbs so join the trend and enjoy a typical Christmas in Prague.

According to the locals, harvesting carbs is a rare occurrence that comes once a year so do not waste the chance of a lifetime. This is a special moment for them as the carbs arrive when the water is at a particular temperature. You may also save a few carp scales because it is a rare and precious commodity. According to the Czech tradition, if you put the scales in your wallet, it will bring you a lot of money all year round.


You will likely be thrilled by the smell of pastry during your time in Prague as this is where all the fun is. All the tourists seem to be attracted by this. Stalls with trdelník are everywhere in the Old Town, so you can try it everywhere. Most people recommend a trdelnik with a miracle, but there are a lot of variations worth to try. It’s also great to see how the trdelnik is made.

If you buy a Trdelnik in Prague, take a photo, put it on Instagram and use hashtag #beautyofprague 🙂

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