Prague with Gregory – Visit as many Towers as you can

Prague is beautyful to visit in 2019

Hey guys,

this is our next episode of interviewing of persons who´ve already visited Prague and they really fell in love with this amazing city. |His amazing tips will inspire you why you should visit Prague. Our previous interview was with Marina from the USA. She loves Prague as much as she wants to get married in Prague. Don´t forget to check an interview with her, you won´t regret!

We interviewed Gregory, who already visited really a lot of countries around the world. He already visited Milan (Italy), Santorini and Serifos (Greece), Frankfurt (Germany), Budapest (Hungary) and many and many beautiful countries.

Of course, during his amazing travels, he also visited Prague. And from his conversation below it is clear that he loves Prague and would like to visit her again.

Enough was the performance of Gregory, enjoy his great tips. If you would like to see photos of his trips, visit his Instagram @momentsofgregory. His photos are really amazing!

Visit Prague (moments of Gregory)
Explore the best tourist tips for your Prague holiday


Interview about Prague:

Can you introduce us? Who are you, what do you do, etc?

I’m Gregory Kom and I’m a traveller!

I mostly like taking photos of my journeys, edit them and share them with the world!

Our interview is especially about Prague. When and for how long is it best to visit Prague for you?

I was in Prague for 5 days and I believe 5 days is enough to see the whole city! However, if you want to stay longer in the Czech Republic, you can also visit other great cities such as Brno, Cesky Krumlov or Karlovy Vary. These cities are amazing.

The best time for me to visit Prague is winter because this city with snow seems like a fairytale! Of course, you can enjoy the Christmas markets in the Old Town Square and their atmosphere.

Photo of Prague by Gregory
Visit the most famous Prague attraction

What place in Prague did you love the most and why?

Prague has a lot of towers to enjoy amazing views of the city, especially during sunset you can take the best city view photos from there.

My favourite one is the old town bridge tower from where you can see an amazing view with Charles Bridge and enjoy the beauty of Prague Castle, which is really one of the best sightseeing in Prague.

Czech cuisine is also an integral part of Prague. Which foods did you love most and can you recommend them to our readers?

Out of all the foods in Prague, I was most excited about Trdelník – Chimney Cakes.

These pastries are amazing and I will recommend to combine them with chocolate for a truly delicious sweet!

And what is the latest tip to all people who are planning to visit Prague from Gregory? That´s easy, just as many towers as you can during sunset time! The views are totally worth it!

As already mentioned above, don´t forget to follow Gregory on Instagram. All his amazing photos are published on his account @momentsofgregory.

So, did you enjoyed Gregory´s tips? If so, more articles on our website with amazing tips about what to do and visit in Prague. I´m sure that our articles will be really helpful.

Visit Prague and enjoy a piece of Czech history
Enjoy our interview about Prague with Gregory

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