7 Tips for Choosing the Best Shopping Mall in Prague

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We all love shopping and Prague is one of the most exciting paradises that can seduce any shopper. The Prague outlets and stores for international chain stores is well arranged throughout the place among the shopping malls in the area. Some are isolated from the tourist crowd, thus letting the shoppers take their own sweet time to decide on what product they want to buy. Some such as the Palladium and Flora have more to offer than just shopping options. These huge counts of shopping mall in Prague have some of the latest fashion options that make it hard for buyers to keep control over their impulses. Below mentioned are some of the best options to consider for having the ultimate shopping experience in Prague.

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TOP 7 shopping malls in Prague:

Centrum Chodov

This shopping mall in Prague is one of the best hopping places for visitors who want to stay away from the regular tourist crowd yet enjoy the best of the place. It also offers a lot of fashion stores. This shopping mall has over 200 fashion stores that offer some of the best items at reasonable prices. The options here include Sephora, Sony, Douglas, H&M, Humanic and many more. If you need to buy food, this shopping center includes one of the largest supermarkets in Prague. To get to Centrum Chodov you can easily take a bus or subway.

Prague Shopping mall


Palladium is a five storey shopping mall in Prague that is a paradise for shoppers. The best part of this Prague shopping center is its central position and the numerous shops arranged in the complex. It was once an army barracks that now hosts Marks & Spencer, Estee Lauder, and many other international chain stores. Palladium is also known for its outlets of fast food items. You can also enjoy local food and drinks during the Christmas and Easter market being hosted during the season in the front area of Palladium. If you are accommodated near this place, you can use the supermarket in Prague center to buy food etc. Visitors can take a taxi, train or bus to Praha to reach this shoppers’ paradise.

shopping mall in Prague

Fashion Arena Prague outlet

This shopping mall is located in the heart of the city suburbs. It boasts of its hugely oriented fashion Prague outlet stores that offer the shoppers with great European designer brands at cheap rates. If you are lucky, you can even bargain up to 80% discount. Its location keeps it a secret from the visitors, but the locals know well of its reputation. However, tourists can take a free bus from Depo Hostivar metro station.

Prague outlet
Fashion arena Sterboholy in Prague

Atrium Flora

This is modern Prague shopping center has a great accessibility from the city center for the visitors. It is very near to the A line metro and hardly takes less than five minutes to reach. Visitors can also reach this shopping mall in Prague from Rokycanova bus stop. It hosts every kind of shop ranging from pet shops, fashion galleries, cinema complex, restaurants and many more. You can also take the tram and get down at the Orionka stop to visit this mall.

Myslbek Shopping Center

It is one of the first shopping centers in the area. This shopping mall in Prague is situated in Na Prikope Street. The main fashion options in this mall include Calvin Klein, H&M and Intersport. There are many restaurants in the Myslbek that attracts a lot of visitors, especially for the delicious Umami Sushi and the fresh fruit juice. It is very close to Palladium and just takes about 5 minutes if you walk via Kralodvorska and Ovocny trh from the shopping mall.


This shopping mall in Prague is quite famous especially for the huge count of various stores. You can also find a lot of fashion items, accessories and shoe stores. This mall also has a lot of shops for fashion items, perfume, cosmetics, children fashion and pet shops. All the units are thoroughly organized over the three floors. It can fulfill all the expectations of any shopper. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the mall if you take a taxi from the city.

Arkady Pankrac

Arkady Prankrac is another shopping mall in Prague famous for its huge count of shopping options. It hosts some of the best Prague outlet options for fashion freaks and shoppers are sure to fall in love with the huge collections that are offered here. This shopping center is also located only few metro stations from the city center and reaching this mall is really simple. For example, from the Muzeum station it takes only 8 minutes to reach this place. It has 125 shops at present and is a paradise for ice cream lovers and food loverclose to the city centers because there is a lot of options where to buy ice creams and really good food. In my opinion there is one of the best supermarket in Prague that is really close to the city center.

Obchodni Centrum Novy Smichov

This shopping mall in Prague boasts of its huge food court on the top floor of the building as well as the huge TESCO supermarket set up in its basement. This one of the biggest Prague shopping mall has in offer for the visitors and the locals. It is very close to the Andel metro station and is centrally located in the Smichov district. Jewelry, kids’ fashion, and adult garments options are loaded here.


These are some of the top options you can check out. Whether you are a resident in Prague or just visiting Prague for your vacation, the shopping malls in Prague options will never let you leave empty-handed, thanks to the huge collection of items in these malls.

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