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Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. As many other capital cities, it offers a lot of things to do. Cultural, historic or fun options. But one thing that is amazing about Prague is its food. Czech cuisine has several interesting options for every kind of palate. Regardless of the reasons why you are in Prague, you should definitely try Czech cuisine in the best Prague restaurants about which this article is.

As it happens in many other cities, local cuisine is available in different ways. You can eat at street stands, at local markets or at restaurants. While everyone has personal preferences there is no denying that restaurants are the best. In Prague restaurants, you can eat highest-quality food available. Although some restaurants can be a little expensive, others are affordable. The bottom line is that restaurants in any city are part of the cultural experience. If you are visiting the Czech Republic, you should definitely eat at one of many Prague restaurants. And if you have no clue where to go, just keep reading. In this article, you will find the top five Prague restaurants to go and experience Czech cuisine:

Maso a kobliha

Maso a Kobliha actually stands for “meat and doughnut” in Czech. And that is an incredibly appropriate name for this very interesting restaurant. Maso a kobliha is considered one of the best bistros in town. Let’s review its main features.

First, Maso a kobliha is a butcher shop affiliated to The Real Meat Society. That is a pretty good start. But then, Maso a kobliha takes the fantastic meat they sell and prepares amazing and curious dishes with it. Some of those dishes are blood cake, corned beef hash or scotch eggs, for example.

The style of Maso a kobliha is also very peculiar. Near the entrance, you can find a meat counter and a doughnuts bar. Then, the interiors feature long communal tables and a fridge that serves Czech beers. All of these features create a fun and friendly atmosphere. This is definitely a place to visit with your friends.

Finally, you should know one last thing. Maso a kobliha sells what is widely regarded as the best doughnut in Prague. Are you feeling hungry yet?


Czech cousine is really awesome
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Maitrea – one of the best Prague restaurants

Maitrea is one of the best vegetarian Prague restaurants. First of all, the dishes are delicious. But also the decoration will not let you down.

Maitrea is decorated in a very peculiar style. It features lots of Buddha statues, Chinese lamps, fountains and Buddhist symbols. The people at Maitrea do not only serve food, but they also serve an experience. Which reflects in the stunning all-wood interiors.

The whole idea behind Maitrea is the balance, respect and love. That is why they don’t serve meat, to begin with. But the decorations, the staff and the customers all emit a similar vibe. It is a great place to feel well. And to enjoy some amazing salads, tapas, daily meals and delicious desserts. They also offer hemp beer, which you must try.

If you are interested in eating at Maitre, they are very close to the centre of the city. They are also just one block away from Old Town Square.

Enjoy Czech cuisine in Prague
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Ristorante Vabene

If you are a pizza enthusiast, you definitely must eat at Ristorante Vabene.

To begin with, Vabene has all the features you might look for in a restaurant. They offer breakfast, takeaway and a full bar. But at Vabene you can find even more. They are pet-friendly and have vegan options. Those features are not very common and are great to fit everyone’s circumstances. At Vabene, you will also find an amazing garden. You can even request a private dining area if you want a romantic dinner with your significant other. After having said that, let’s move on to the food.

The first thing you should try at Vabene is pizza Margherita, sausages or goulash. For dessert, you can try yoghurt, tiramisu or even Nutella pizza. There are several other options for main dishes, side dishes, entrances and desserts.

Finally, the décor is pleasant and relaxing and the service is wonderful. If you want to give Vabene a try, they are located at Malá Štupartská 636.

Best Prague restaurants
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Lehka Hlava (Clear head)

Lehka Hlava means clear head, and just by the name, you might imagine a few characteristics of this restaurant. It is actually affiliated with Maitrea, to begin with. That is why they share a similar vibe.

First, Lehka Hlava has a very strong philosophy. They aim to not only offer food but to satisfy your senses and clear your mind. They achieve this through the delicious vegetarian food and exquisite decoration. Inside Lehka Hlava you can find a fireplace and a starry sky, for example.

A vegetarian option, Lehka Hlava offers many delicious dishes. You can eat a wide variety of soups, salads and main dishes. IT is also very affordable. For example, you can enjoy a soup and a main course with a glass of wine –as a daily special- for just a little over 8 dollars.


Traditional Prague restaurants
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Kolkovna Celnice

Kolovna Celnice is a casual and pleasant gastro pub.

They combine a very amazing selection of beers, wines and other spirits with casual but delicious food. You can get, for example, a wide away of entrances, soups, salads, pasta or rice. If you want to try some original Czech cuisine, we recommend you order the Old Czech KOLOKOVNA platter. It includes 8 different types of regional foods and it is guaranteed to include an interesting gastronomic experience.

At Kolokovna Celnice, you can try a different menu every day for a special price. It is a great option to grab a beer with your friends.


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