TOP 5 Prague Hotels to Stay During Your Holiday

TOP 5 Prague hotels

Prague city is one of the best places to spend your vacation. There is a myriad of venues to visit, which you will find interesting. There is a lot to check out here from the ancient castles to the glamourous countryside, you will find more than enough to explore at affordable prices. The best part is that hotels in Prague city center offer cheap prices to guests. You will be having a comfortable time depending on your choice and budget. If you are ready to pay for the most luxurious places, you have a good variety to choose from too. Prague hotels have built a good reputation with foreign tourists from around the world. Here are five of the best Prague hotels you need to sample before making a choice.

Our list of TOP 5 Prague hotels:

1. Hilton hotel Old Town

This hotel is popular for its unique combination of art and sophisticated modern.  Hilton hotel has one of the best rooms and suites among all Prague hotels. The interior decorations are the most attractive thing at the hotel. These sumptuous furnishings provide a contemporary styling to the overall cool design. There are special provisions for smoker’s rooms on request as well as those for guests with disabilities. There are business support services to take advantage of at the Hilton Hotel Old town making it one of the most convenient hotels in Prague city center today. They are available on the executive floor and include; copy machines, fax, and complimentary internet access.

The room decorations are irresistible as they are made of cool calm tones. They are characterized by large windows and offer the latest technologies such as high speed Internet and other necessities. You will also be entertained with unlimited channels on LCD flat TV´s after a long day touring in the rich European country.


Hotel Hilton
Best Prague hotel in 2019


2. Hotel Pod Vezi

This is a favorite place for many first time tourists who are especially on a budget. It has 16 rooms within the annex building, which offer comfortable accommodation. The rooms have tasteful decorations as well as historical neighboring buildings within the city center.  Whether you are in Prague for pleasure or business, there is always the appropriate ambience to enjoy at the Hotel Pod Vezi. It offers modern options.

Most importantly, the hotel is only ten minute’s walk from the famous Prague Castle and Old Town Square. The hotel accompanies guests from the airport on request. Due to the high demand, it is important to book a room early. This way, you will get the best rates possible and get a chance to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will only use a few clicks to book your room online and you will have a chance to experience the medieval heart of Prague.

One of Best Prague Hotels
TOP 5 hotels in Prague


3. Dancing House Hotel

Next hotel from our list is the Dancing House Hotel is a reputable place to reside while on vacation in the city of Prague It is one of the Prague hotels with the most fun. The hotel has a long history based on the incredible coincidences of the family, which owned the building. The construction was completed in 1986 under the watch of secret police. It is a sophisticated structure, which gives you the widest view of the city below. Here you will enjoy to admire a large portion of Prague city below and still benefit from the lucrative services. It is also located in the heart of the city to give it the convenience of movement. This building is one of the most renowned hotels in Prague city center.

It retains its magnificence and an icon used to identify the city. This is an integral part of the culture and reputation of Prague. From here, you can view the famous square of Jirasek and the Rasin’s waterfront restored after the bombing during World war times. Later at the time of war, the city was mistaken for Dresden by U.S Airforce and bombed. With nine floors and two basement floors, it is efficient enough to handle a large number of visitors every year.

Dancing House Hotel in Prague
Prague Hotels in 2019 – Dancing House Hotel


4. Hotel U Zlatého Jelena

If you are looking for a cheap place to stay without compromising on the fun and culture of the city, try the Hotel U Zlatého Jelena and you will not be disappointed. This is among the cheapest alternatives you will be finding here. This hotel offers the services are top notch. Discover the U Zlatého Jelena to enjoy lowered prices and discounts. It features a café popularly known for its local cuisine. Visitors love the homemade sandwiches, soups, cakes, salads, and pastries. Czech specialties are available at low prices to allow you explore the culture of the Czechs.

It is another historical building in the list of magnificent Prague hotels.  It is only 50 meters from the city center, making it an appropriate location for spending your visit. Since the hotel has lucrative prices, it is highly on demand and you will need to make early bookings to take advantage of these prices. The customer care agents are available 24 hours every day to help with your transactions and queries. They are friendly and very helpful. Many loyal customers attest to their efficiency as they made their experience in Prague unforgettable.

This hotel invested in ensuring the environment is homey and welcoming. You will be enjoying the inner courtyard or quiet terrace with fresh ambience in spring and autumn. It is worth the cost because you will experience the real sensation of a Prague lifestyle and way of living.

Hotel u Zlateho jelena
Hotel u Zlateho jelena – TOP 5 Prague Hotels


5. Novotel Praha

For the most budget friendly place to spend your nights in the Czech Republic, consider the Novotel Praha. Although the place is yet to be discovered by the masses, it has the best prices among Prague hotels. It is strategically situation in the Old Town at the center of the city, which is just a few steps from the famous Old Town Square. Here you can have the best views of the city under the night sky. This is a charming place, where you will find real Czech culture and treatment from the staff just the way you want it. The unique location is ideal because it is on the former Royal route. This means you can reach all the common hotspots of the city on foot making it among the most impressive of the Prague hotels to choose.

After renovations were completed at the start of this century, the hotel was set to become one of the main attractions in Prague. The renovations brought antique furniture and artistry of blacksmith works where each room contains unique decorations. The designs were also upgraded and the facilities modernized to world class standards for the benefit of the guests. New features include satellite TV with unlimited channel access, luxury bathrooms, direct dial telephone, and other features at affordable prices. The current capacity is 49 beds. Buffet breakfast is available containing the local delicacies served at the cozy upgraded cafeteria found on the ground floor. The best part is that the features are corresponds with the pricings.

this and much more…

Online bookings make it easy to secure a place at the hotel for a memorable time in the Czech Republic. The customer care agents are affable and very friendly. Most importantly, they are available promptly to solve all problems throughout the day without delay. According to customer reviews, Novotel Praha is among the best hotels to visit. This should be a top choice among Prague hotels for travelers both on business of leisure trips alike.

TOP 5 Prague Hotels
Novotel Prague



The city of Prague can always remain a place you can visit frequently because you cannot exhaust its beauty and splendor. Whether on a pleasure or business trip, you need information on the best hotels available within the city to have the best views. Luckily, there are nice options to explore among the hotels especially with the subsidized prices. Hotels in Prague city center have garnered high reputation from their established services, which are celebrated by frequent visitors. Prague hotels compete highly for making their visitors happy and for this reason improve their services immensely.

Czech Republic is undoubtedly, one of the best places to spend your vacation. There is a myriad of venues to visit, which will be definitely memorable and admittedly interesting. There is a lot to check out here from the ancient castles to the glamourous countryside, you will find more than enough to explore at affordable prices and make the best use of your time regardless of your agenda or passion. Most of the Prague hotels allow users to make the most out of their experience in Czech because they keep the tradition of the place and try to maintain the ancient cultures.

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