TOP 5 Prague Attractions


There are many cities around the world with spectacular views but Prague is more than spectacular. The city of 200 spires is associated with more than beautiful architecture and stunning views, it is an integration of culture, history, nightlife, and ambience. As a tourist, there is a lot to learn and experience when visiting this capital of Czech Republic. If you have travelled the world, you will appreciate the natural and man-made beauty, which can be accessed at affordable prices unlike other major cities in the world.

Stepping into Prague the first time feels like a fairy tale. There are popular tourist sites, which you are likely to dive in on your first visit. There is no doubt about the spectacular views and famous choice of tourist destination; however, if you stick to the tourist maps, you will be missing a lot. The city has got more to offer than the Prague Castle; you will enjoy your vacation if you explore beyond the conventional tourist areas. It is important to start from the centre of the city but doesn’t stop there. There is really a lot of of-of Prague attractions.

Here is a compilation of the best places to go in Prague that you should not miss on our Czech visit. Most of these Prague attractions are free.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is a connection of Mala Strana and Old Prague Center. It is also home to statues designed with Baroque style. This is a must visit if you are a first timer in the city; in fact, you should visit the bridge both in the day and night to experience the ecstasy and beauty of the Vltava river. Yes, the place is crowded. No one gets tired of visiting and gazing at the views. During the day, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes that will fade into a magical atmosphere enhanced with musical performances throughout the night. The bands and colours of people crowding on the bridge reflect on the sky hence a bright and shiny view on the sky. The experience here is unforgettable and indescribable; you need to visit the Charles Bridge!

Visit Prague Castle
Charles Bridge is one of the best Prague attraction

Explore Prague Castle

You can’t leave this city without setting foot on Prague Castle; it would be a disservice to yourself. There are endless opportunities and fun activities to engage within the castle; actually, you might never exhaust the spectacular views and themes around the castle. You would better have a plan to explore as many places as you can. Prague Castle is in the Guinness book of records as the largest complex on earth. It needs more than a day to complete all sections of the complex.

The park around the castle is incredible; it is well kept, green, and peaceful. Don’t miss on the walking tour and numerous parks with different meaning attached to the design around the complex. If you are visiting the castle for the time then you will obviously take much time to gaze at the beautiful architecture and culture demonstrated on infrastructure.

There are endless things to do in Prague Castle; attending the change of guard ceremony, visiting the golden lane, picture gallery, royal summer place, old royal palace, and the Petrin Hill is only part of the endless fun activities within the castle. The history and culture of the Czech Republic are visible in all corners of the castle.

Prague attractions

Mala Strana

Mala Strana is only down the hill from the Prague Castle. These two Prague attractions are really close so don´t miss them.  All you need is take a walk to this awesome neighbourhood and learn more about the historical culture and development of the city. The buildings define the ancient and vintage element of the town; most of the buildings are made of cobblestones, which line up on all streets. The old buildings give a fresh and new feeling about Prague; you might not realize you are within the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Seasons or times do not change this neighbourhood; the culture is maintained irrespective of advancement in technology and fashion influences.  This is why you will meet many tourists on the Mala Strana streets. The neighbourhood is safe enough for you to explore curiosity with regards to side streets; there is unending awesomeness behind the cheap souvenirs and overpriced food.

Old town square

The ancient and rich history can only be witnessed if you get to the old town square. One of the most popular Prague attractions element in the town is the astronomical clock. It might seem like nothing but it is worth spending a few moments to share the amusement of a huge clock displaying date, time, and moon cycles. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone waiting to witness the clock shift; hundreds of tourists flock at every top of the hour in this corner of the Old town square. The old town hall tower, which was built in the early 1400s is still standing strong and worth a few minutes of your touring. Be sure to spare $5 to ascend to the highest point of the tower for a spectacular view of the town.

Not well known Prague attraction: Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden cannot miss among the top five Prague attractions. It is near Prague Castle, which makes it popular. However, this garden is in a very quiet and pleasant environment. While it might not match up to gardens and parks within the castle, the sweet statues and white peacocks attribute to a stunning view of the garden.

Venture into the unknown areas and experience Prague in a different way.

TOP Prague attractions
Wallenstein Garden in Prague

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