Top 5 Dishes you Must Try in Czech Restaurants


Czech dishes are unique and traditional. You would love to taste and enjoy them. In most of the Czech dishes, you will discover potatoes and meat as ingredients. On the other hand, you will notice that almost all the dishes are heavy with root vegetables and gravies. All of the dishes we are writing below can be easily found in Czech restaurants in Prague.

If you are travelling to Prague, you should focus on trying some of these Czech dishes as well. That’s because you can easily locate Czech food while you are spending your time in Prague. Czech restaurants are available in all parts of Prague and you will be able to locate the best one out of them and enjoy unique Czech dishes without any hassle.

Here is a list of 5 of the best Czech traditional dishes that you can enjoy while you are spending your time in Prague. All the people who visit Prague are looking forward to trying out these dishes.

TOP 5 list of Czech dishes you must try in Czech restaurants

Svíčkova (Marinated Sirloin)

Svickova is one of the most popular meat dishes in Czech. Among the most popular Czech meals, you can discover the name of Svickova as well. This meal is all about sirloin steak, with a range of vegetables. The vegetables in Svickova include carrots, onion, and celeriac and parsley roots. The meal is with the help of thyme, bay leaf, allspice and black pepper a little bit spicy. Then it is boiled along with double cream.

You can find many different varieties of Svickova as well. Svickova also includes a cream topping. You can also find Svickova with a slice of lemon and cranberry sauce in many restaurants. It is up to you to go through the different variations of Svickova when you visit a Czech restaurants and order the best one out of them.

Svickova is a popular dish in the United States as well, especially in Chicago. In fact, the Bohemian immigrants have made it popular within the United States.

Czech traditional Svickova
Svickova is really amazing food.

Vepřo knedlo zelo

Vepro knedlo zelo is the national dish of the Czech Republic. This dish is made out of pork loin, which is roasted in caraway gravy and onion. It is served with few side dishes, including a Czech stapled boiled bread.

This dish is a perfect representation of Czech cuisine as well. If you try Vepro knedlo zelo for one time, you will immediately fall in love with it. You will also be able to find Vepro knedlo zelo served with root vegetables, pickled cabbages, and caraway seeds.

Vepro knedlo zelo is a classic entry to Prague as well. You can find it in any of Czech restaurants located inside Prague. Therefore, strongly recommend you to try it out during the stay.

Vepro knedlo zelo
Definitely, one of the Czech food you will love.


Rizek is the main dish, which you can find in many Czech restaurants in the world. It is mainly a slice of meat, which is softened with the help of a pestle. The dish has got the same name as the meat, which is being used to prepare it.

At the time of preparing Rizek, it is possible to coat it with breadcrumbs. Therefore, many people prefer to enjoy Rizek as cutlet. Often pork and chicken is being used for the preparation of Rizek. Then the slice of meat is tapped, peppered and salted. As the final step, it is wrapped in breadcrumbs and fried within deep oil.

Rizek is a dish, which comes along with a rich history. The initial recipe for the preparation of Rizek goes back in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. You should add this to the list of Czech food to try in Prague.

Czech Rizek is really popular for tourist
The famous dish of Czech cuisine.


Gulas is a popular dish in many European countries, including the Czech Republic, Moldova and Hungary. The unique recipe used for the preparation of Gulas has contributed heavily towards its popularity. It is mainly a soup, which contains meat. There are instances where you will be able to find beans inside Gulas soup as well. A variety of meat types are added to Gulas as well. In most of the instances is used beef. But you will also be able to find lamb, pork, veal, sheep, horse or even game meat in it.

In the Czech Republic, people often consider Gulas to be a sauce, instead of a soup. That’s because the minty herb in Gulas is in a position to provide a large number of benefits to the digestive tract with its refreshing nature.

Gulas is a popular festive dish within the region as well. During the festive seasons in the region, you will be able to find it everywhere.

czech cuisine
Czech traditional food called Goulash

Smažený sýr

Smazeny Syr is a fried cheese variety. When you are looking for the best food in Prague, you should never miss out Smazeny Syr. Smazeny Syr has earned a reputation as street food in the Czech Republic and Prague. Therefore, you will be able to find Smazeny Syr around the streets while you are walking.

By nature, Smazeny Syr is pretty much similar to Mozzarella in Carrozza that you can find in Italy. It is prepared with the help of a thin ham slice. The slice of ham is inserted within two slices of cheese. You will often be able to find Smazeny Syr as a sandwich variety. It is quite similar to a hamburger bun. You will never miss this when you are walking in the streets of Prague.



We thought of adding a bonus dish to the list as well. Chlebicky is another popular traditional Czech dish, which you can find in all the Czech restaurants located in Prague. In fact, you will often be able to discover Chlebicky within the snack plates. Busy Prague citizen, who run across the city often prefer to enjoy Chlebicky. It’s a quick meal that you can consume, even on the go. You can try Chlebicky in Czech cafes, bistros and some restaurants.

Chlebicky is definitely a versatile snack. Chlebicky are really favourite food by locals. Even foreigners have fallen in love with the unique taste that Chlebicky offers. The convenience associated with this food is the main reason behind its popularity. As mentioned earlier, it is a snack on the go. On the other hand, you can think about consuming Chlebicky as an excellent appetizer. You can find this appetizer on special occasions and parties as well.


Now you have a clear understanding of the best food in Prague. If you are visiting Prague and if you happen to be in some of Czech restaurants, you must try this Czech food. You will immediately fall in love with them.

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