The Best Clubs in Prague (with interiour photos)

Best bars in Prague

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and is also the capital. Prague is a popular city in Europe and is the 5th most visited city in Europe. Milions of people travel to Prague each year to be able to capture a glance at the stunning infrastructures that they have through out the cities. Prague is known and visited for many reasons and one of them is the night life available in Prague. Capital city of the Czech Republic is also known internationally for its quality night life with 5 star rated night clubs which attracts so many people both within and internationally. With the amount of people entering Prague each day to have some fun we decided to look at the best clubs that Prague has to offer.

Our list of best clubs in Prague:

M1 Lounge Bar & Club

M1 lounge bar & club is considered by many to be the best club in Prague because of it’s infrastructure and the services it offers. This club is famous for hosting the best Hip Hop and RnB parties in the whole of Prague. M1 Lounge Bar & Club is owned by Jonathan David Bass, he is a native of New York City and a multi award winning magician/illusionist. He has toured around the world and has been featured in so many shows, he wanted to bring a New York City like life to Prague and the result is M1 Lounge Bar & Club. This explains why the club is constantly entertaining stars like Kanye West, Rea Sremmurd, Wu Tang Clan and Machine Gun Kelly just to name a few. M1 Lounge Bar & Club opens everyday and on weekends you get a chance to enjoy special performances from the owner himself.

M1 Lounge club in Prague
Best clubs in Prague

Sasazu Club and Restaurant

Sasazu club is amongst the best clubs in Prague. It has a massive space that is capable of entertaining up to 2,000 people how about that for just a club you’ll think it’s a football field. This club is famous for the best Hip Hop mix the that will keep you dancing to feet till the Kate hours of the night to keep the Hip Hop lovers entertained and dancing to the beats. Coupled to that it also has a restaurant at the same complex where you can get exotic and authentic Asian cuisine; start your super evening with delicious and healthy meal.

Clubs in Prague
Sasazu Club in Prague

Club Roxy

Club Roxy is a place for lovers of all music, art and culture a place to congregate and experience it together. It draws in major DJs from all over the world who come and deliver you the coolest mixes your body will rock from night till dawn. It has a great infrastructure and is very classic and comfy for your taste. The club is famous for hosting dance parties every night. Surprisingly not only by the people of Czech but from all over the world. If you ever go to Prague Club Roxy is a place, you’ll show want to go.

TOP Prague bars
One of the best bar in Prague


Cafe 80’s

This 80’s club is great for for the people who love and appreciate the good old days. Cafe 80’s is located at the old town of Prague. This club is quite spacy and has an 80’s theme inspired cafe restaurant. Its equipped with the best music systems to let you feel the music passing through your body. If you know you appreciate the 80’s make sure to go there. Whenever you’re in Prague to get your 80’s life on the go.

Enjoy your holiday in Prague
Cafe 80´s – clubs in Prague


Loca Bar and lounge

It’s an impossible task to mention the list of best clubs in Prague without mentioning Loca. Loca is located at the center of Prague on the the Smetanovo Nábřeží embankment. Just only a few steps from the famous Charles Bridge. Loca offers you the best night life in Prague with their irresistible dance to beat music and wild party atmosphere. It is filled with award winning bar tenders who serve you the best cocktails with drinks. They can even come up with a special cocktail mix just for you. All you need to do is ask and leave the jobs to these mixologist.

Best bars in Prague
La Loca Music Bar


Epic Prague

If you ever wish to spend a night that you are going to remember for the rest of your life then stop wondering where to go. Epic Prague is where you should head to right now. Epic Prague offers you a variety of music played but is more focused on on electronic music. It’s light effects are top class and it has a large dance floor to serve many dancers with impressive sound systems that hits right up at Mass. It is the favorite spot for people who like to have fun and enjoy their life. This is why many people think that this club is one of the best clubs in Prague by many people.

TOP bars in Prague
La Loca Prague Bar


Club Ace

This is another club that continues to wow people from all over. They open everyday at 9pm till dawn. So, if you’re looking for an all night enjoyment you know just where to go with your friends. The Ace Club is home to DJ Koogee, DJ Maztah, DJ Australan, DJane LuMichell, DJane Battle Lady. It has an atmospheric design consisting of red velvet sofas, elegant chandeliers, rich décor, etc. The club records a good number of people each day who know just where to get fun. Club Ace is famous for playing the best RnB hits that will put you on your feet in no time and enters many people’s book of the best clubs in Prague.

TOP Prague clubs in Prague
La Loca Bar and Lounge – Best clubs in Prague


That’s our list of the best clubs in Prague. If you think we missed any other club that you deem worthy to be here We’ll love to hear from you. Just comment below your favorite bar in Prague. We’ll like to hear your opition, because great bars are never enough.

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