TOP 5 Castles for Tourism in the Czech Republic

TOP 5 Castles for Czech Tourism

Czech castles offer a unique opportunity for rich exploration at history and fun activities. They are the pride of Czech tourism. The country boasts of some of the oldest and most unique castles to visit. They act as the connection between our world and ancient civilization. These magnificent structures have not only stood the taste of time but also revealed the beauty and splendour of ancient times. They are evidence of a lost culture and civilization, which we may never contact anywhere in the world anymore.

The Guinness book of world records places one of them as the largest complex on earth in modern history. It sits on over 7 hectares of land (equivalent to 18 acres) and includes a series of buildings. Apart from the Prague Castle and its famous walking tour, there are other equally exciting castles to view at the lowest prices or free. To complete a walk into most sections of these complexes, you will need to set out the entire day for the task.

You can either take a walking tour or choose to use a cruise. If you do not have time, you will have to use a cruise to help scan the most that you can in the least time possible. However, if you need to get a real experience one on one with details of ancient Czech, you need to take the walking option. There is an option for up to 4-hour castle Walking tours and other options that will take you all day sightseeing with a guide. It may be costly but for the first time, it is the best option.

Karlštejn Castle

This castle is over 5 centuries old after its completion around 1365. Charles IV was the Roman emperor responsible for the construction of this unique structure. The royal residence was not expected to live this long due to the fierce wars at the time. Soldiers were capable of total annihilation and this was their strategy at war. However, Karlštejn survived the dark error and lived through to show its splendour to 21st-century generations. It is now the pride and mark of Czech tourism today, thanks to its durable artefacts and priceless furnishings of the past era.

The Karlštejn was designed to store royal treasures, holy relics, and crown jewels all of the immensely high prices of the time. Here, you will find the ancient crown jewels preserved and purchase some of the duplicates available as evidence of the famous historic Roman Empire. The Czech tourism industry has flourished from visitors who flock the place throughout the year to earn the country a wealth of foreign exchange.

Průhonice Castle with garden

The Průhonice Castle sits on 250 hectares of land is one of Czech’s biggest national historic landmarks. Needless to say, Phůhonice Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and another pride of Czech tourism. To welcome you Průhonice town is a lime tree alley, which leads you to the main gate decorated with an arc shield. The epic renaissance gate gives you a taste of what to expect when you step inside. The style resembles timbered country houses with gables and balconies.

If you love art, Czech tourism offers you a huge collection of artwork dating back to the 16th century in this castle. The elegant picture gallery has precious masterpieces by famous old painters. There are over many paintings on display. The entire collection is over 1,000 works you might never get the time to explore even half of them in a day. The pieces are a representation of various European cultures such as Germany, Italy, and Holland. Famous artists represented are Hans von Aachen, Tiziano Vecelli, and Peter Paul Rubens. There are wide collections of other ancient Flemish and Czech artists of the Baroque period. These pieces are maintained with the finest possible procedures for your satisfaction. You can have a taste of paintings over a progressive wide period in history.

Czech Tourism Pruhonice Castle
Pruhonice Castle is only 20 minutes from Prague

Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle

This is another of Czech’s landmarks that define its rich history to offer to history lovers. It is located in a beautiful region of South Bohemia where the lawns are well kept and lively. The Hluboká nad Vltavou is one of the most romantic places you can ever be in Europe. It is a great addition to Czech tourism’s pride in its ancient culture. The castle has a cool environment and background for the best photos ever.

The Hluboká nad Vltavou has 140 rooms and 11 towers for unlimited views and attractions. The lavish ceremonial halls and private rooms of the castle hold their taste and value through time. After centuries of existence, this castle retains its posh irresistible look with the items preserved inside. The original owners of the castle were the Schwarzenberg family who has kept their legacy over hundreds of years. Their decorations remain safe and sturdy thanks to the high-quality material used in their making. They include carved panelling, coffered ceilings, traditional crystal chandeliers, as well as elegant furnishings. They have a rich collection of paintings, silver, porcelain, and tapestries. This means you will be stepping into one of the richest and most lavish ancient families of their era. Being in this place gives you a thrilling experience of the past’s reality.

Hluboka Castle
Hluboka castle is one of the most famous Czech Castle by Czech and foreign tourists

Lednice Castle

The Castle is located in Lednice village in South Moravia. This is evidence of a strong empire of the baroque period. It is also one of the most attractive and most visited English neo-Gothic complexes you will ever find in Europe. The Lednice Chateau has become a huge mark in Czech tourism as it contributes to all-year-round foreign visits, which earn the country high foreign exchange to boost their economy. Most amazing is the low prices you have to pay to access this and other castles in the Czech Republic. History lovers are given priority and a chance to explore their cravings with the most affordable prices. Thanks to Czech tourism policies, you can benefit from a guided visit to the even when on a budget.

The ruling Princess of Liechtenstein is the last occupant of the castle late in the 17th century, especially during summer. The complex allows you to deeply explore the interior with several tour routes. You can go through the chateau’s representative halls, priceless royal attire, rooms of the small princes and princesses as well as the puppet museum.

Popular Czech tourism Castle
Lednice castle in the Czech Republic

Žleby Castle

Žleby Castle is your place for tales and romantic dreams. It retains its romantic look thanks to its old decorations that have surpassed the trends of the ages. This magnificent structure was once the home of the famous Auersperg family as recent as the 19th century. There is still a large collection of artefacts used in ancient time such as weaponry, furniture, and regular tools for daily use. This place provides an excursion to the rich life of the aristocracy more than 200 years ago in the 19th century.

This is one of the true pictures of the previous civilization preserved by the Czech tourism industry. It offers great memories and tangible evidence of the ancient world for tourists to enjoy.

Žleby Castle in the Czech Republic
Žleby Castle


These huge UNESCO world heritage recognized sites offer Czech’s contribution to beautiful earth. Czech tourism has invested into protection and preservation of the castles to provide visitors and enthusiasts with a chance to experience and enjoy the views from the past.

These are tangible evidence of a crucial historic past that shaped our world. Another exciting thing about this structure is that when ascending their steps, you get a great view of the exterior. Most of them are construct on raised places such as hills. This means you can get a perfect view of the nearest town or village. These amazing views are a taste of what the royal and richest families enjoyed at their time. Although the high placement was meant for security reasons, it is now a good place c catch great views of the landscape. For example, ascending the steps of the Žleby castle gives you one of the most magnificent views of the outside.

Czech tourism has earned the reputation for its highly recognized and impressive ancient architectural designs of buildings. The impressive sights have been preserved through time over centuries and hundreds of years. It took brave and committed authorities to guard and preserve these pricy artefacts to boost Czech tourism today. The castles now define and highlight the Czech Republic a one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. These are only a small section of what the country has to offer as Czech tourism.

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