Best Spa in Prague

Best Spa in Prague

Vacations are either for relaxation or fun. At least, that is what most people believe. Spas are dedicated beauty and wellness centres that can include fun experiences. While your typical spa often includes massages, saunas and facial treatments there are several other options. You can get some of these other options at the best spa in Prague. In this article, you will find the main features of some of the best spas and where to find them.

Lázně Pramen

Let’s begin with a spa that offers a very peculiar option.

Lázně Pramen features a wine or beer spa. This means that you actually get to bathe in wine or beer. This makes it one of the best spa in Prague. Beer and wine baths have different benefits. Some of them are:

Beer bath: Czech beer is one of the main products in the Czech Republic, and there is a reason for that. Hops used in Czech beer are rich in essential oils, and they have antibacterial and soothing effects. Even more so, malt in the beer has a lot of organic acids, minerals and vitamins. Finally, yeast produces a lot of Vitamin B and regenerates and hydrates the skin. All of these features combined result in a very pleasant, interesting and rejuvenating experience.

Wine bath: A wine bath consists of submerging into a wooden tub with grape seeds, red wine, leaf extracts and honey, herbal extracts and a wise array of essential oils. You can have your bath customized according to your personal tastes. Wine baths have a lot of beneficial properties. They sooth and relax your skin while providing a very interesting and amusing experience.

The best thing about these two options is that you can also drink beer or wine while you take your bath.

Naturally, Lázně Pramen also offers more traditional spa experiences. You can get regular massages or facial treatments. However, if you are looking for a very different experience, you should try the wine or beer baths. Lázně Pramen is located in the middle of the Castle District and it is definitely one of the best spa in Prague.

Best Spat in Prague

Mystic Temple

Mystic Temple is located in the centre of Prague. It is one of the best spa in Prague with a focus on harmony and inner balance.

Mystic Temple features a very mesmerizing Thai atmosphere to help you relax. Through a wide array of treatments and massages, Mystic Center helps you replenish energy and open your soul to a new and positive world. Some of the treatments and massages you can get are:

  • Hot stone therapy.
  • Honey massage.
  • Classic massage.
  • Thai massage: This includes aromatherapy, foot massage and anti-fatigue massage.
  • Indian massage: This includes sand massage, baby massage and Abhyanga oil massage, among others.
  • Cosmetic treatments.
  • Hairdressing and hair treatments.
  • Permanent Makeup.
  • Manicure and pedicure.
  • Tanning.

To summarize, Mystic Temple is a regular spa with extra touch and atmosphere. They take care of your body and your soul. As the name indicates, at Mystic Temple you can get a very spiritual experience. It is one of the best spa in Prague to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Relaxing day after Prague attraction
One of the best spa in Prague

Aquapalace Praha

Aquapalace Praha is one of the best places to combine good old fun with wellness and beauty. First of all, Aquapalace Praha is a water park. It features everything you would expect from a water park. Ranging from water slides and thematic pools to water bars and fitness centres, Aquapalace Praha is a place for kids and adults.

However, Aquapalace Praha features a cutting-edge spa and wellness centre. If you are a fan of massages, aromatherapy and facial treatments, this is what you will be interested in. Aquapalace features one of the best spa in Prague.

The spa at Aquapalace Praha exploits the theme of the water. In the spa, you can get some different treatments related to water, such as:

  • Hammam Turkish baths: The regular Turkish baths you know and love. They are energizing and rejuvenating.
  • Rassoul treatments: Rassoul treatments combine a mud wrap with a steam bath. They are a great choice to soothe your skin while you relax.

Besides, you can also get all the regular treatments you usually find at spas. Manicure, pedicure, hair treatments, cosmetic treatments and much more.

The great thing about Aquapalace Praha is that you can make a day out of it. If you are in Prague with your family, you can relax at the spa while your kids have fun. Even after you finish your treatments at the spa, you still are at an amazing water park. You can then have fun in the water slides or sip a few cocktails at the water bar.

That´s still not all

Another amazing feature of Aquapalace Praha is its fitness centre. If you feel energized after a Turkish Bath, you can further improve your health. You can hit the two-levelled fitness centre with cardio zones and building zones. Even more so, you can go to the aerobic hall to take one of the many classes Aquapalace Praha offers. Some of those classes are aerobics, yoga, Pilates, spinning or the-bo.

Finally, Aquapalace Praha also features a dietary consulting service and a fitness bar. Those two features will help you design a diet to improve your health progressively.

In summary, Aquapalace Praha offers it all. You can have fun at the water park, relax at the spa, exercise at the fitness centre and even improve walk out with a healthy dietary plan. If you want to treat your body in a comprehensive way, you should visit Aquapalace Praha. It is located at Čestlice u Prahy Commercial Zone.

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