An Insight of Czech Sweets and Snacks

Kolonada and Horalky are one of the best czech sweets

The Czech Republic, a beautiful country located in central Europe is popular for its scenic views and amazing architecture. One more thing which attracts the people towards this country is its food and desserts. Being surrounded by countries like Germany, Austria, and Slovakia, the Czech cuisines are very much influenced by these neighbouring countries. Czech snacks and Czech sweets are the popular overall world, especially their chocolates and wafers are very popular can be seen in displays of the grocery store and supermarkets. Most of these delicacies you can buy on e-commerce websites and many of sellers are one of the best sellers in the counties. Let’s see what we are going to have today.

beauty of Prague
Taste Czech sweets and candies in Prague


Our list of best Czech snacks

Oplatky Kolonada

This is a sweet delicacy the Czech Republic, this dish is actually spa wafers that is from two crunchy wafers with a sweet splash in between them. These wafers are being served in the Czech Republic from the last two centuries. First Oplatky Kolonada was prepared in the 18th century and was a symbol of royalty at that point in time. This Czech Snack offers various flavours and is quite similar to wafers from other countries. Flavours like chocolate and vanilla are quite popular. Their baking moulds are from bronze, and after baking, you can consume these spa wafers for the next 8 weeks.

Oplatky Kolonada can be bought in almost every grocery
Oplatky Kolonada is one of the most popular Czech sweets


Studentská pečeť

This is a bar of famous milk chocolate, quite popular among youngsters. The ingredient list of this sweet chocolate includes milk chocolate, peanuts and jelly, and raisins. This chocolate was first introduced in the 1970s and since then has been a bestseller in the Czech Republic and its neighbouring countries. This chocolate holds a place in the list of best Czech sweets. Full of nutritional content this chocolate is easily available in every Prague grocery and supermarket.

Taste Czech sweets and candies
Studentská pečeť is really popular chocolate amongst tourists and locals



It is a famous Slovak wafer bar with cocoa coating and peanut filling. Being serves as a Czech Sweet dish, this chocolate is all time popular in the entire country and has been the best seller since its birth in the 1950s. This wafer comes in five different flavours which are chocolate, peanuts, coconut, milk, and hazelnut. The popularity of this bar can be evaluated by the fact that it is easily available in every Prague grocery and supermarket. These bars hold good nutritional values and are popular in other countries as well, however, there is a  little availability in foreign shops.


It is a six-layered wafer which comes in flavours of hazelnut, peanut or chocolate. These Czech snacks are quite popular among Czech kids but also adults. These six-layered wafers can be seen easily in any grocery store and are one of the most popular Czech sweets. There is a trick to check the freshness of this wafer without even opening its packet. Just press it slowly, if breaking easily they are fresh and if feeling hard then your Tantraky is old.

Beauty of Prague
Tatranky & Horalky are really tasted Czech snacks



This is again another wafer which consists of a coating of milk and hazelnut filling. The unique thing about these wafers is that they come in round shape. With the filling of hazelnut and coating of milk, this round wafer comes in various flavours like dark chocolate hazelnut, coconut milk, and white chocolate cream. You can buy Fidorka in every Prague grocery and supermarket.

Would you like to taste some biscuit from the above? There is nothing easier than just clicking on the picture below and choosing some sweets we wrote about! Plus for great prices with FREE shipping!

Czech biscuits and sweets

List of best Czech Sweets


Though its origin is still being debated, these popular Czech sweets made from pastry then sliced into strips and rolled around a stick covered with spices and sugar before been cooked over flames, when tasted is divine. You will definitely want more. Even mere looking at it will spur cravings for it as it has an enticing exterior.

Ovocné Knedliky

Also known as sweet fruit dumplings, these delightful Czech snacks are one you must taste. It can be made from wheat or potato then served alongside dessert. Inside of Ovocne Knedliky is jam and fruits such as blueberries or strawberries then are serving with chocolate or cottage cheese. You can see them in every grocery and supermarket in Prague.


Probably the most popular Czech snacks, it has a different look to cakes you would see in other parts of the globe. Oozing with 10 layers of crumbly sweet cake and cream filling, this dessert when tasted will make you definitely ask for more. Don’t worry about eating too much sugar as it is not too sugary. It is available in Prague groceries and Supermarkets.


You should try this. They are pancakes of a different kind. Covered in Vallina Sauce or apricot jam with sugar, these sweets give you a feeling of adventure with their fruity liquor taste. They also include sweet cheese and it’s available in every Prague grocery and supermarket.

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Bramboráky (Latkes)

Latkes are potato pancakes which are shallowly fried and prepared with potatoes, matzo meal or flour and the binding ingredient for this dish is egg or applesauce. It can be often flavoured by grated garlic or onion or with any other seasoning. Bramboráky has quite a lot of variety. Thanks to this Czech speciality is one of the most popular Czech sweets. If you want something sour then it can be topped by cottage cheese or sour cream or if you want something sweet it can be topped with applesauce or sugar. This food is associates the traditions of many European countries, such as Germany and Austria, since it is a national dish of Belarus and Slovakia in Germany.

Smažený sýr

Smažený sýr is also a very delicious and mouthwatering Czech snack which is really popular in the country. The term Smažený sýr means fried cheese, it is a cheese based preparation and is very common street food in Czech country. Smažený sýr consists of with cheese slice with the thickness about 1.5 cm thick, flour, eggs, and crumbled pieces of bread. The cheese slices firstly breaded by flour and eggs and then deep fried. Most people eat this food with mayonnaise or tartar sauce and often with a salad of potatoes.


Most people eat this Czech snack for lunch or dinner. It is an open sandwich with various filling. This snack is also known as a party snack as it can be seen commonly in parties and birthdays. Most of the Prague cafes or eateries serve this sandwich and is one of the popular dishes from Czech land. Commonly taste as medium spicy, its taste mainly depends upon the fillings and flavours one has opted for.


If you have been to Prague and you have not tasted any of these snacks, then you are missing out. If you are planning to go there, make sure you will taste each and every one of it as they are all similar and the best that you can find around. It is not hard to find as they are available in every Prague grocery, supermarket and Czech restaurant.


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