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Things To Do in Prague


Traveling around the world is probably one of the better reasons to be alive. Learning about other cultures, experiencing activities from other cities, or simply seeing the sunset in a different horizon can give your life a lot more meaning and make you feel so much more alive than anything in the world. There are a lot of destinations that should be on everybody’s bucket list, because of those cities history, landscapes, cultures, food, and people. One of those cities is Prague. A city full of stories that the people can tell, a city that is key in several worldwide relevant past events and city with some of the most beautiful designs on the planet. Here you can find the best ideas about things to do in Prague and I am sure that, by the time you finish reading them, this wonderful city will already be your next destination.

The largest castle complex

The city is divided into two by the Moldova River, from anywhere you step close to the river, and even from other parts of the city, you will be able to admire over the elevated terrain of the east side of the city, the largest castle complex in the world. It is composed of several edifications of very different time periods, each one having its own interesting story about its construction, its tragedies, and its people. One of the most spectacular constructions is St. Vitus Cathedral, also known as The Hidden Cathedral because it is surrounded by other buildings that enclose it. The cathedral is probably the most important expression of Gothic architecture, it was started in 1344 and it has not even been finished today.

From the distance, it can be appreciated as a black or grey building, but the truth is that that color is for all the soot of the city. When the government tries to wash it, it takes them so long to finish that they can never finish before it is already dirty on the other side. The stories of the city are magnificent and the only way to know it all is going there and looking with your own eyes.

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Ancient and magnificent architecture

Prague is one of the most ancient cities in eastern Europe. The reason is that, on the Second World War, Hitler, after invading Czechoslovakia, he ordered to keep the city as it was, without destroying any building, to use it as a personal museum after winning the war to remind the world how it was before he came to save humanity. Fortunately, his plans never got to reality and Prague got to remain as beautiful as the centuries have made it. There are different high points around the city from where you can enjoy the view of all the constructions and notice that it looks like a fantasy city. Walking down the street will make you feel like you are in a place where different ages are combined. This is one of the best things to do in Prague if you like walking and relaxing.

Best beer in the world

What is the best thing of things to do in Prague? Beer! Some people assure that Prague consumes more beer than any other city in Europe and that may not even be a surprise considering that they produce the best beer in the world.

Whenever you go, you must go prepared to forget what you knew about beer, because what they offer there is something completely different. You will be able to know everything about it in any of the beer tours that you can find around the city. They will take you to some of the older bars in the city. Some of them are a few meters down the street level and you will learn the story that explains why those places are built like that.

Charles Bridge, one of the oldest in the world

Do you remember the name of the river that divides the city? Well, now you should plan to cross it over the Charles Bridge. Charles IV order its construction that ended in 1402. For centuries it was the only connection between the old city and the rest of it, is a key resource for commerce in Europe. Over the bridge you will find many sculptures that were carved in different centuries, each of them having a really interesting story that you can learn standing in front of them. One of the most impressive facts about the bridge is about a magic number that can be seen at one end of the bridge, that is something you can´t die without knowing.

If you are thinking about things to do in Prague, trust me you must visit Charles Bridge. It is one of the main Prague attractions.

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Astronomical clock, 600 years old and running

In the heart of the city, you can find the Old Town Square, where all the most important event of the city take place, you will be able to find incredible buildings with impressive explanations and antique as just a few places in the world. In there, mounted in one of the most important towers in the city, you will find the astronomical clock. It was built in 1410 by the mathematician Mikuláš of Kadaň and it has been working since then. It is one of the most impressive tools in the world because it predicts the exact position of the stars, including the sun and the moon, for any day including our time. For the time that it was built, it is really an out of this world tool and you must go to see it with your own eyes.

Visit the Astronomical Clock is one of the best things to do in Prague.

Most beautiful library in the world

In the highest point of the city, you will find the Prague monastery. You can taste the beer made by the monks while you enjoy a view of all the city feeling the fresh breeze that hits the place. Then you can get into the building and visit the official most beautiful library in the world. The design is majestic and it holds incredible treasures of antique ages. If you love literature or even if you do not, you must visit the Klementinum Library. This is one of the best things to do in Prague because this place is not so famous like Charles Bridge, Prague Castle etc.

Franz Kafka home city

One of the most influential writers in the world was born in Prague when it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He lived and wrote in this city where he delivered some of the most important books in the world to the humankind.

Franz Kafka lived a few streets from the Old Town Square and there are signs of his story all around the city. The place where he lived does not longer exist, but you can visit the exact place where he is resting since his final day.


The Jewish story has a lot of tragic chapters since the beginning of civilization and Prague is a witness of one of them during the Second World War. This city was inhabited by a large percentage by Jews before the conflict and now it is again. Prague is the city with the biggest amount of synagogues and each of them has a beautiful story and an impressive architecture. When you come, you can take a tour to know them all and to visit the Jewish Neighborhood, the wealthiest area of the city with some of the most expensive shops in the world.

John Lennon Wall

If there is a musician that left a print around all the world with his work, he is John Lennon, his songs spread peace to every corner of the world and Prague has a memorial of that.

The John Lennon Memorial Wall is something new every day but it keeps one of the most beautiful and inspiring stories of the world. It represents a fight for peace and against repression. When it started being painted, the government started a persecution against the painters and a race with them to keep it clean. The painters never got tired and they inspired others to do it until they won and created a memorial for the peace musician. Whenever you go, you will see something different from your last visit. Learn the full story of the wall when you go and you will understand why is it so special and you will know the strong love that it carries from all over the world.

If you liked John Lennon like most people, this is one of the best things to do in Prague right for you.

Save money

Europe is well known to be a really expensive, but fortunately, Prague is not inside those margins. Prague is one of the cheapest cities in the world and when you come, you will see how easy it is to make your money save. The Czech crown will be your best ally to be able to know all the city and taste some of the better restaurants in the country and of course, taste the best beers in the world.

Whenever you visit Prague, there will be hundreds of places to visit. You will never get enough of that city and you will have to visit it at least two times in your life because it is actually two different cities with and without snow. Start planning your trip right now and enjoy one of the best times of your life.

This is end of my list of best things to do in Prague. And what are best things to do in Prague in your opinion? 😊

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