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Prague Zoo: Why You Should Visit 3th European Best ZOO

Prague zoo

Do you know that the Prague Zoo is located on two levels and in order to move from one level to another you can use a cable car? What may surprise you here? Here you will find the 10 pavilions, 150 exhibits, which contain about 5000 species of animals, many of which are on the verge of extinction. What are the most interesting pavilions to visit? What events and programs are constantly organized for visitors? The answer to these questions you will find in the article below.

About the Zoo

Prague Zoo is situated in a beautiful area of Prague – Troja. The zoo is well organized, the living conditions of animals and birds as close to nature. It is one of the largest and the best zoos in Europe. It stretches for 60 hectares, with 50 hectares dedicated exclusively to animals. The zoo is located on two levels. Prague zoo is a great place for the whole family. For a pleasant stay you will find 2 restaurants, 7 cafes, cable car, children’s playgrounds and a small train.
At the Brasserie, you may often find some ducks. If your child is tired – at the entrance you can borrow a wooden cart and roll the baby in it. The Prague Zoo abandoned the classical lattices and uses them exclusively for security purposes. Most of the enclosures are with glass barriers, and all the halls are equipped in accordance with the natural behavior of animals.

Among the pavilions of the zoo, you can allocate the largest in the Czech Republic pavilion „Indonesian Jungle“, which recreates the atmosphere of a tropical jungle. Here are tropical plants, a terrace to observe the life of Gibbons, orangutans and other animals, and a small waterfall.

Interesting Places To Visit

Interesting to visit:

  • The pavilion of gorillas. There are an underfloor heating in places where the gorillas sleep, and automatic spreading of finely chopped fruit, for the monkeys moving around the pavilion in search of food, the way it happens in reality. African house, with a group of giraffes and other African hoofed animals is also there.
  • Africa pavilion, the inhabitants of the African desert and the Savannah.
  • The pavilion of big cats’ predators contains a rare species under threat of extinction.
  • The pavilion of big turtles – water world and monkey island, the exhibition of animals for which water is a habitat or natural barrier.
  • Sichuan pavilion with free-flying birds, originally from Podgora Himalayas.
  • Chambal pavilion there is a Gharial (crocodile family).

The Prague Zoo is the only zoo in Europe where you can seals. The design of the enclosure is constructed so that the animals can be observed underwater. If you wish, you can become a „foster parent“ or an official sponsor of any animal in the zoo. Prague zoo is open for visits all year, so visitors constantly organize events and programs: commented feeding animals, walking through the night zoo and much more.

General Characteriscs

The zoo is on the site of Troy Park, in the picturesque valley of rocks and reservoirs. The area of the zoo, founded in 1931, is 58 hectares. It is 3rd best Zoo in whole Europe. The Zoo specializes in breeding rare and endangered animals. Among the inhabitants of the zoo are the representatives of the 58 species listed in the Red book, and 14 endangered animal species. The exhibition presents 506 mammals of 113 kinds, 632 birds of 159 kinds, 117 reptiles of 34 kinds, also 300 species of rare plants, including unique. Famous inhabitants of Prague zoo are giant turtle, Chinese alligator, a giant iguana, Panda black, ussuri tiger, hyena, Cheetah, Rhino blunt, Bongo antelope, orangutan, and gorilla.

Among experts, the Prague zoo has become famous for successes in breeding Przewalski’s horses. Worth a visit are the pavilion of wild cats, an aviary of birds of prey, giraffes, polar bears, exposition of the American Panthers. The zoo includes a children’s playground, restaurants, and souvenir shops. A lot of interesting activities are prepared for children, namely children’s animal farm with domestic animals: rabbits, goats, pigs, pigeons, and others.

Top attraction for a few pennies

You can feed the animals with their own food, which is sold in the machine. Cost helpings of food is 5 CZK. If the machine does not accept money – it’s simple, the daily limit of the feed is over and the animals are well fed. Also, children up to 14 years can ride on the children’s tram. The fare is 10 euros for 3 minutes. Moreover, children can ride some ponies in the zoo. Ponies are available from April to November at 10 am. In the main season of ponies available every day, from September to November the opportunity to ride on a pony is only on weekends. The price of the walk is 20 CZK. Walk at your own risk. The older children are happy to climb the lookout tower Equi or take a ride on the chairlift, which connects the northern and southern part of the zoo.

How To Get

The zoo is located at the end station animal patterns Zahrada. Be careful. The bus with the designation of the ZOO, so-called zoo bus, travels without stopping to the end station of animal patterns Zahrada, for a symbolic price equal to 1 crown for the ticket there and back.
The route operates from April to September inclusive. Work days are Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Interval – 10 minutes. It is also possible to drive to the zoo on the mini-bus No. 236, which passes through Prague residential district Bohnice. You can also take the tram number 14 and 17 to the stop Trojska and then by bus 112 to the zoo. One of the most romantic ways on how to get to the zoo, is undoubtedly the boat trip on the Vltava. Near the zoo, there is the shipping pier.

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