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Hello, welcome to my blog for everyone who wants to visit and experience the unusual adventure that Prague offers.

My name is Honza (John) and I was born in Prague. I spent my whole life in Prague and I am proud of the town where I was born. I spend almost all my free time in the center of Prague discovering unique places that you love as well as me and other locals in Prague. I also like to travel to nearby towns, cities and castles which are more than enough in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this you can also expect advice on where to go out of Prague. Of course, I advise you how to get comfortable to these places, just so you don´t get lost.

I decided to create my own blog about Prague because I want help to spend your best vacations in Prague. Thanks to I´m a local, I will give you best advice how to avoid getting scammed, find cheap and comfortable accommodation. You can also find articles about best attractions, including those you won´t find in any travel guide.

This page is for you if you want experience a great holiday and get local tips such as how to:

  • eat as a local
  • find best accommodation in the city
  • to visit places and places where tourists do not go, but especially locals from Prague
  • get to places that other tourists have no idea
  • travel in Prague and other great places in the Czech Republic
  • no be scammed and how to avoid problems

Whether you are a low-cost traveler or want to enjoy comfort and luxury during your vacation in Prague. All advice in the articles is intended for all kinds of travelers.

If you have already been to Prague or other cities in the Czech Republic, do not hesitate to write your impressions, what interests you most, or send us photos you’ve taken in Prague. If you follow the tips you find in my articles, you will experience Prague as a local, thanks to which you will get to know the beauty of Prague more deeply than if you followed advice in regular traveler guide.

If you have any ideas how to improve this site to help more people who come to Prague, please contact us on facebook, instagram or email.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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