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Hello, welcome to Beauty of Prague – a blog for everyone who wants to visit my beloved city and experience the unusual adventure that Prague offers. This page is for you if you want experience a great holiday in Prague. Whether you are a low-cost traveler or want to enjoy comfort and luxury during your vacation in Prague. All advice in the articles is intended for all kinds of travelers.

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How to Pay in Prague

For every tourist and regular traveler, one of the most important things to note is the payment method used in the visited place. This is very crucial as one needs to understand things like: The currency in the country The exchange rate between their currency …

How to Travel to Prague

Flights to Prague If you fly by airplane you will definitely arrive at the Prague Airport (Vaclav Havel Airport). Prague airport is the biggest airport in the Czech Republic. If you fly outside of the Schengen area you will arrive at the Terminal 1, if …

Things To Do in Prague

Traveling around the world is probably one of the better reasons to be alive. Learning about other cultures, experiencing activities from other cities, or simply seeing the sunset in a different horizon can give your life a lot more meaning and make you feel so …