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Hello, welcome to my blog for everyone who wants to visit and experience the unusual adventure that Prague offers.

I decided to create my own blog about Prague because I want help to spend your best vacations in Prague. Thanks to I´m a local, I will give you best advice how to avoid getting scammed, find cheap and comfortable accommodation. You can also find articles about best attractions, including those you won´t find in any travel guide.

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Prague is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. Thanks to Beauty of Prague, you get great tips to visit, making your holiday even more enjoyable!

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TOP 5 Castles for Tourism in the Czech Republic

Czech castles offer a unique opportunity for rich exploration at history and fun activities. They are the pride of Czech tourism. The country boasts of some of the oldest and most unique castles to visit. They act as the connection between our world and the …

The Prague Astronomical Clock: An Awe-inspiring Medieval Art

The famous Prague Astronomical Clock also known as the Prague Orloj is one of the most breathtaking landmarks in the Czech Republic. Existing since the 15th century, the clock has been functioning for over 600 years and is still ticking. Many visitors to Europe include …

Prague Itinerary: A 3-days-long Adventure in Prague

Prague is the beautiful capital city of Czech Republic. It is has a lot of cultural richness, a very interesting history and amazing people. But probably what Prague has the most are things to do. Depending on your personal tastes, there are hundreds of places to …